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Arduino paths on first application entry

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1Arduino paths on first application entry Empty Arduino paths on first application entry Tue May 10, 2022 5:49 pm


Recently I had a problem with linux and needed to reinstall all...

I have noticed that when first time add Arduino binary path and then try to add library path, there is several problems.

Firstly, after adding binary and library path (copy and paste), project and source, it did not compile it properly, it said no library. I have though I have added wrong path, but actually on button click to add library path, it opened dialog with binary path.

Further, after choosing correct dir, I have tried compilation again - it failed. I have though again that I have missed dir, but it was correct. Trying again to choose library dir it open dialog with binary path... However, after exiting the app and starting again it was not problem in compilation.



I will have a look...



I can't reproduce this issue.
Are you sure that Arduino files were in a accesible disk (or perhaps in an unmounted partition)?


Quite sure...

Where is located config file, in order to delete it and try to write step by step to reproduce this?



Where is located config file, in order to delete it and try to write step by step to reproduce this
File explorer->Settings will show you where it is.


Something is definitely wrong. Now I cannot even set any...

Just copy and paste paths and click on button to open load dialog, then watch which directory it shows...
Set correct one and try again...

When open dialog, it should be located on that directory in the tree, not some previously stored. For instance, When click on library path button on right side, it open bin directory in the tree.

Quite confusing. Also "Apply" button missing here as well, If made a mistake, it is real trouble to set all correctly again, without copy and paste, which doesn't do anything - so that and try to compile - many errors will be shown, from that that arduino tool is not found, to that thaht many libraries cannot be found...


For instance:

Arduino root dir:  [some dir]/arduino-1.8.19/
LIbray path: [some dir]/ArduinoProjects/libraries/

Most of the problems also makes discrepancy of that what is in ArduinoIDE. Now I deleted and reinstalled Arduino. In their settings, projects location is default. As long as I not changed that tp be the same as set in SimulIDE, it shows error that libraries missing...

I'm using multiple project directories as well, with different set of libraries for testing purposes... Thus, many, many headache...

Arduino base directory is a project directory, not libraries. Library dir is inside project directory, and that is what is used. That is also the reason of all these problems, as is Arduino used silently for compilation, not AVR-GCC directly...



No idea what could be happening.
If everything is as default you just need to set Arduino path and that is all.
You don't need to deal with path to libraries.

In any case have a look at the bottom panel, there you will see which path is actually using.

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