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WIN: Delete by <DEL> not working, question at decompression

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I just played with the new version SimulIDE_0.4.14-RC4_Win64 .
However, the following minor bugs are in all versions i had.

Deleting components is possible via right click + delete, but not with the  <DEL> button in Win(32 and 64).

Additionally, during the "installation" - I mean the decompression - a (students confusing) question appears, whether a file should be overwritten. The following file is double in the archive (one in uppercase, one in lowercase)




Yes, deleting components by keyboard is disabled by now, looks like i missed to add it to changelog.

This is related with other issues:
- Text component: delete key not working.
- Oscope: pressing delete key while editing values, deletes oscope (if it is selected).

By now i think is better to disable delete component by key than deleting oscope while editing values.
I will try to find a complete solution for this issue, but it is not that easy.

About duplicate file:
Yes, thanks, this duplicate file does not show up in Linux as it is case sensitive.

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