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Unable to Load IXEX file C:source\\file.ino.hex

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Im in need of some help with SimulIDE.I cant Load IHEX files created in  Arduino.I tried creating it for different type of arduino, but it doesnt change a thing, even when classmate send me his files there was no difference. Aftere choosing microcontroler and rightclicking "Load Firmware" Error says "Unable to load IHEX file C:/Users/.../File.ino.hex"
Please help.



If the hex file is created for the same Arduino model you are using in simulide, then the only thing i can think is something related to the file path.
Is there some "extrange" character in the path? C:/Users/.../File.ino.hex

The proper way to know what is happening is running simulide from a terminal and see the error messages there.


Thank you, the problem was source path. My username had character from my mother language. Moving everything directly to C: removed the issue. Thanks again.



Glad to know you got it working.

Thanks to you for reporting.
I had a look and simulide is not handling correctly non-english characters when loadind avr firmware.
It will be solved for next release.

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