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Weird behaviour of Constant Current Circiut

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I'm trying to simulate the following constant current circuit, using two
The Simulation Shows fast fluctuating current instead of a constant current.
What is going wrong there?

PhilipWeird behaviour of Constant Current Circiut Consta12
Weird behaviour of Constant Current Circiut AttachmentConstant_current_Circuit.zip
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I will have a look.

Thanks for reporting.


Were you able to reproduce the problem or was it an operating error on my part?



Yes i can reproduce the problem.

But most probable is that i can't get into this right now.
I need to do a complete review of BJT model, current model is relatively fast but fails to converge in certain cases, specially some emitter follower configurations, and in this case there is a feedback loop that makes it too sensitive to very small changes, it doesn't converge and keeps oscillating.

I hope i can solve this issue in next weeks.



I'm working in this right now, just created a discussion to talk about it:

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