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T1751_SDCC failed to compile if path to source file contains whitespaces.

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Error message:
"D:/sdcc/bin/sdcc" -oD:/Program Files/SimulIDE/examples/Micro/mcs-51/mcs-51_switch/build/ "D:/Program Files/SimulIDE/examples/Micro/mcs-51/mcs-51_switch/test.c"

at 1: error 119: don't know what to do with file 'Files/SimulIDE/examples/Micro/mcs-51/mcs-51_switch/build/'. file extension unsupported

It seems that "" around path to build folder is missing.



Yes, some "  would be useful there.



The problem with $buildPath is that it can be chained with other strings, for example in avr-gcc compiler:

But I did some testing, and adding quotes only to $buildPath seems to work ok, which I didn't know.

For example:
$filePath = /path/toMyproject/mycode.c
$buildPath = /path/toMyproject/build/
$fileName = mycode

Executing this works ok:
"/path/to/avr-gcc" -g -o "/path/toMyproject/build/"mycode.elf "/path/toMyproject/mycode.c"

So SimulIDE will add quotes to $buildPath.

I'm also adding native separators because some programs like Asem51 only accept these.



I think it should be solved at trunk Rev 1822.

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