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"Feature Request": SW Revision written in sim1 file

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It would be great to have the SW revision also stored in the circuit header of the sim1 file.

Currently, I have so much simu/sim1 files stored, but I'm not sure, which file was working in (or better was written for) which revision  "Feature Request": SW Revision written in sim1 file 1f615 . Since I also show the "bleeding edge" versions in the course, it's hard to keep track.

I think, there will be further new features, which are not downwardly compatible. The ladder term sounds bad, but there were also bugs with workarounds fixed.




Ok, I will add the full version, it can be very useful.

In one side the "Circuit file format hell" is already behind (transition to sim1) at least from Rev 861 or so.
The format will not be changed for long time (hopefully).

But new components or features will not work backwards obviously.



Done at Rev 992.

Now the current Bazaar Revision will be automatically retrieved and used in:
- App Window title.
- About dialog.
- sim1 file.

"Feature Request": SW Revision written in sim1 file Revno10

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