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Logic Outputs: Rise & Fall slopes implemented.

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After a long time since the first try, Logic Outputs Rise & Fall slopes have been finally implemented.

The properties to set rise and fall times are there since then, but was doing nothing:

Logic Outputs: Rise & Fall slopes implemented. Edges10

Now there is an extra global property in Simulation settings to set the number of steps of the slope.
If set to 0, slopes will be disabled and work as before:

Logic Outputs: Rise & Fall slopes implemented. Steps10

With this, it will be possible to accurately simulate rising and falling edges, effects of high frequency, exact trigger times and so on.
It will be disabled by default, so it will not affect performance in most cases when this is not needed.

If enabled (Slope Steps > 0), the cpu usage will increase proportionally to the number of steps, so the simulation speed will decrease dramatically in some cases.

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