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Cannot make Select Main Component to work

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1Cannot make Select Main Component to work Empty Cannot make Select Main Component to work Wed Aug 18, 2021 10:10 am



Working on Rev. 474.
I tried many sorts of test circuits to define a Main Component, but i just cannot make it work.

After I finish, save and close, the new logic package does not offer Main Component properties and, if I reopen the first file, nothing is "yellow" (as if I never defined a Main Component).

The funny thing is that previously made sub-circuits still work...

I even tried to add manually the property mainComp="true" to the .simu file but the program crashes on right clicking.

And one minor issue: when I insert a bus from the left side menu, it occasionally comes with "enormous" indexes (probably uninitialized to 0). However this can be easily fixed through its properties.

Thank you in advance,
Theodore K.



I did some optimizations for Loading/Saving circuits by not loading unneeded properties depending on the case.
For example subcircuits don't need to load any graphical property.
This can decrease load time, specially for big circuits with many subcircuits.

I think this issue can be related to this change. I will have a look.



MainComponent not saved should be solved at Rev 476.

There is still one thing that is not fully addressed in the current implementation:
the new logic package does not offer Main Component properties
Main Component properties are only offered for MCUs by now.

This is not trivial to solve, because there are properties that can't be changed in some Components inside a Subcircuit.
For example, any property that change the number of Pins of the component will break the subcircuit.

This is related to how Component properties are implemented currently:
Simulide uses QObject MetaProperty system, which was useful until now, but is becoming insuficient.

My plan is implementing a custom Properties system that solves this issue and some other.
These new properties should have fields defining whether it should be used as MainComponent property, or should be saved or loaded depending oh the context, etc.
Also will include fields like "Unit" and  some other. And new fields can be added as needed.

I am thinking about this right now, but I not starting to implement it just yet.
This is a huge change that will introduce many bugs again.
The current plan is a public release of 0.5.16 as "unstable" at the begining of September.
I think it will be better to implement this change for 0.5.17...



Bus issue solved at Rev 477.

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