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Big Thanks - Great PIC sim

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1Big Thanks - Great PIC sim Empty Big Thanks - Great PIC sim Sun Jul 18, 2021 2:05 am


I must express significant gratitude for this great simulator.
I was struggling with some GCB PIC12F683 code that "looked" ok but I was hours trying to fix.
Loaded  GCB source in SimulIDE, compiled, made some source changes to accommodate the sim, compiled & single stepping thru the source while watch Variables & it was immediately found.
Was only some stupid typo errors but it was enough to fool me.
So Thanks for making this great sim !

With all new apps that I use I keep a log of observations :  Not working, Anomalies, Feature request & Bugs etc... Some of these can be just my interpretation & I end up crossing out a few when I get a better handle on using.


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Thanks for your kind words.

And feel free to report any issues or request.

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