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Article about "Arduino Simulators" on All3DP

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Interesting that they talk about 3 versions, some of them not open source.

I already wrote to the editors informing about the wrong information.
Here is the relevant part of that email:

In this article:

Talking about SimulIDE, there is this wrong information;
"There are three versions: A paid version 0.5.15-RC4 (via Patreon), a free version 0.4.14-SR4, and a community edition."
"Open source: No for the free and paid versions, but the community version is"

Let me clarify this:
- There is only one version of Simulide available at simulide.com.

- Patrons receive early builds during the development proccess.
But this is not a different version, just early builds of a release that it is not finished, so not ready for going public.
Once a release is finished it goes public.

- SimulIDE is 100% open source, released under GPL V3.
There are not different versions, so there are no different licenses.
The source code is available everywhere the binaries are available.

- SimulIDE "community edition" is not a different version.
It is just a fork of an old version with almost no changes.
The only real change other than configuring the project is a typo corrected.
And this fork is abandoned, nobody is working on it for around 5 months.
I would be happy with a real fork, I even offered my help: https://github.com/SimulIDE/SimulIDE/issues/32
But sadly, as often happens, the initial energy dissipated rapidly.

That idea of a "paid version" and "not open source" was spread by the same guy that created the "SimulIDE" project and "SimulIDE Comunity Edition" fork in github.
And allegedly wanted to aply for the GitHub Sponsors program with that project: basically copy/paste simulide source code.


Sorry, my mistake pale
I had some feeling something not so clear, I should have asked for clarification before publishing the article.

Sent a copy of your post to my editor in All3DP.

Anyway, really nice job Very Happy



I didn't know you are the author...
If I would know I would talk to you instead of reply that post.

Sorry... I should have asked before.

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