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I can't create a package with components that I have created myself

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I have created a one bit binary adder with gates and packaged it. And it works very well. But then I have tried to create an 8-bit adder using the binary adder I had previously created and it gives me the following error.

SubCircuit: "sum_2bit" "sum_2bit-1" ERROR Creating Component: "Subcircuit" "sum_1bit-1" "sum_1bit-1"
SubCircuit: "sum_2bit" "sum_2bit-1" ERROR Creating Component: "Subcircuit" "sum_1bit-12" "sum_1bit-12"

ERROR!! SubCircuit::loadSubCircuit: "sum_2bit" "sum_2bit-1 null endPin in " "Connector" "" "1_sum_1bit-1-A"

I have placed the following lines in the ussr.xml file

And inside the ICs folder I have placed the respective schematic and package files with the same names

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.



I'm afraid you can't use subcircuit on subcircuit



I will have a look and see if there is a solution.



I think this is solved for versions >= 1.0.1 (trunk Rev 1377).

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