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Virtual Serial Port On Linux (Arch based)

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Hello, everyone:

   I'm trying to cope with this problem which happened yesterday while using Simulide. I have developed a Java program that writes some data into serial port. The implementation with Simulide has been working correctly until yesterday, when the serial port monitor could not receive any data from my Java app any more. I'm using SimulIDE-0.4.15-SR9, but I have also tried the latest beta version and I get the same results. My operating system is EndeavourOS (Arch-based Linux) and I can't manage to "connect" /dev/ttyS0 (where my Java program writes the data) and Simulide's Serial Port component. The settings for serial port in Simulide are:

  • Mcu Uart = 1

  • Port name = /dev/ttyS0

  • Baud Rate = 9600

  • DataBits = 8

  • Parity = NoParity

  • StopBits = OneStop

  • FlowControl = NoFlowControl

As I said before, it has been working correctly until yesterday. My Java program along with my arduino sketch work together fine on both Arduino Uno and Arduino Nano (Elegoo, actually).

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please, let me know.

Thank you very much in advance.




Can you explain how are you connecting your App to Simulide?


Sorry, I forgot to specify how I'm connecting my Java program to Simulide. Well, It's actually not a connection. All I'm doing is writing the data from my program to a virtual serial port (which, by the way, is /dev/ttyS0). Simulide was reading the data from that port correctly until yesterday. I'm aware this is probably a Linux misconfiguration issue, but I'm writing this just in case...

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