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SimulIDE crashes in some Linux systems.

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1SimulIDE crashes in some Linux systems. Empty SimulIDE crashes in some Linux systems. Mon Jan 04, 2021 9:23 am




By the way, my 0.5.15 build often crashes with segfaults (not only on MCU projects), and professor from my university talked about same behavior in some university computers with Ubuntu and 0.14.15-SR5. I think this is a problem with libraries.

I'm using older versions for compatibilty reasons.
Maybe there are problems in newer library versions...

Which OS and QT version are you using?


I am used Qt5 5.11.3 version on Debian buster, but I thinked that I AM using too old version and today upgraded to Debian bullseye with Qt5 5.15.2. Bullseye will be stable version at this year.



All the same in Debian Bullseye. 0.4.13-SR5 works fine at my PC.

For some reason, in old 0.5.15 build I cant reproduce crash without old arduino_new problem. By the way, after show "No such file or directory" and click "OK" it segfaults!

University computers works on Ubuntu 18.04.


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