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Analog comparator on Arduino Mega (Atmega 2560) seems not implemented

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In a  lab I use atmega2560 (arduino mega), I need to trigger an interrupt when the comparator detects a voltage change.
I use 0.4.15-SR9 and I have tried to add it in ./src/simavr/cores/sim_mega2560.c in this way :

void m2560_init(struct avr_t * avr)
   struct mcu_t * mcu = (struct mcu_t*)avr;
   avr_eeprom_init(avr, &mcu->eeprom);
    /* ... */
   avr_uart_init(avr, &mcu->uart3);
   avr_acomp_init(avr, &mcu->acomp); // try
   avr_adc_init(avr, &mcu->adc);
    /* ... */

and it seems to work fine !



Hi Ben.
Thank you very much for the solution!



Solution implemented at Rev 277.

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