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MOSFET problems

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1MOSFET problems Empty MOSFET problems Thu Nov 26, 2020 1:21 am



I currently try to get a simple full-bridge with FETs on a DC-motor running w/o any IC, however it crashes Simulide (0.5.15-RC2 @ WIN10).

Circuit is attached.

It kind of works for some shots, when a low side FET has a high-value resistor in parallel.
When I delete this resistor again, the high side input (connected to 9V) shows 0V and the low side (connected to GND) shows +0.67V.
Sometimes I was also able to "charge" GND to some kilovolts via the resistor  scratch

I know, that a pure simulation of analog components is not the main focus of Simulide, but... It's still strange.
MOSFET problems AttachmentsimpleDcMotorDriver.zip
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2MOSFET problems Empty Re: MOSFET problems Thu Nov 26, 2020 2:17 am



Yes... 0.5.15 is still a "little bit" unstable... Laughing

I haven't get yet into transistors with the new simulation engine.
And this circuit will be useful, thanks.

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