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Project root dir SimulIDE.pro - compilation multiple bugs

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Compilation and building have no problem from build_XX. However, I'm not certain for what is used SimulIDE.pro from project root dir. Multiple errors where reported during make, as following:

Project MESSAGE: -----------------------------------
Project MESSAGE:   
Project MESSAGE:    SimulIDE_trunk for Linux
Project MESSAGE:   
Project MESSAGE:          Qt version: 5.15.3
Project MESSAGE:   
Project MESSAGE:    Destination Folder:
Project MESSAGE: /executables/SimulIDE_trunk
Project MESSAGE: -----------------------------------
WARNING: DESTDIR: Cannot access directory '/executables/SimulIDE_trunk'
WARNING: Failure to find: ../src/application.qrc

Obvious conflict with paths, however not certain what for is used and why exists two project files.



Compilation and building have no problem from build_XX
You have to compile from there or from a copy of that folder, for example I have: build_Lin, buildWin32, buildWin64.

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