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Communicate with SimulIde 1.0.0 via external serial terminal

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Fabian I.

Hello again,

We have noticed that in version 1.0.0 there is no longer the option (in the context-menu) to open a serial port on the host to connect it to the MCU's USART. Is there any way to still communicate with SimulIde 1.0.0 via an external serial terminal?

In the 0.4.x-series we have been able to connect SimulIde to a serial terminal using a virtual serial connection via socat (opened one end of the virtual serial in SimulIde and the other on in the serial Terminal).
It would be nice if we could achieve the same in version 1.0.0.

As mentioned in another post, we are using SimulIde as well as real hardware with which we communicate via cutecom. Since we want to simulate our real-life scenario 1:1 this is very important to us.

As always thank you for awesome work we are happy to hear from you!



You are right, this have been left behind... not implemented yet.

I will implement it in the next days.

Fabian I.

That would be awesome thank you.



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Fabian I.

Unfortunately, I have just now been able to take a look at your build and I have to say wow this is awesome!

Now we can not only connect cutecom to the serial port in SimulIde 1.0.0 to replicate our real-life scenario but also, it’s even better than before. I like a lot that the Serial port is now connected by pins. And on top of all that, you even made a youtube video explaining all of it.

Thank you for SimulIde and your outstanding work this is a huge help and is very appreciated.

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