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Update about version numbers (SimulIDE_1.0.0)

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Just some update about version number, that can be confusing:
   Next public version after 0.4.15 is 1.0.0.

Some of you who followed the development proccess will know about version 0.5.16, which was the version in development for some time.
But the changes from 0.4.15 are so many and so profound that next version needs a a new major version number change.

In adition most features planned for SimulIDE first "official release" are already implemented, at least partially.
So the goal for next version after 0.4.15 is the first non-beta "official release" 1.0.0.

Most dependencies of external software, like generic Qt Property editor, Gpsim PIC simulator and Simavr AVR simulator has been removed.

This represents a massive change in efficiency, capabilities and ease of debugging and maintenance of the source code.

Note that the source code has been reduced from 133592 lines of code in 0.4.15-SR9  (as reported by cloc) to 49028 in 1.0.0-RC1.
So the source code has been reduced in 84564 lines of code, almos 2/3 of the source code removed. Most of then from Gpsim and Simavr.

PIC and AVR simulation are noy yet at the same level than 0.4.15, specially PIC simulation is still just starting. But when finished, it probaly will add 10 to 20K lines of code, so the reduction will still be massive, having many more capabilities.

1.0.0-RC1 is available in the download section as "unstable" only for testing. This is a "Release Candidate", still far from completed.
This RC is published to be tested and solve as many bugs as possible as fast as possible.
So it will be updated often in the first cycles.

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