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Unable to post link in forum untill being a member for seven days

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MD Harrington

Hi with reference to previous post normally I would post link to entire project

This makes explaining the issue quite complex unless I can show someone the live desktop recording and so that they can download mplab x project in full plus the the project created with simulIDE

I'm assuming this is for security reasons best known to yourselves

Without making life overly complicated Ive converted link to to hex format so as not to delay time here is the coded hex format of the link instead a quick by pass round this challenging and some frustrating time delay

Link encoded below Online tools will convert this back to standard url format

Hope that speeds things up rather than wait 7 days


0x5b 0x75 0x72 0x6c 0x3d 0x68 0x74 0x74 0x70 0x73 0x3a 0x2f 0x2f 0x67 0x69 0x74 0x68 0x75 0x62 0x2e 0x63 0x6f 0x6d 0x2f 0x6d 0x61 0x72 0x6b 0x68 0x32 0x30 0x31 0x36 0x2f 0x73 0x69 0x6d 0x75 0x6c 0x2d 0x30 0x34 0x33 0x2e 0x67 0x69 0x74 0x5d 0x67 0x69 0x74 0x20 0x68 0x75 0x62 0x20 0x75 0x70 0x6c 0x6f 0x61 0x64 0x20 0x6f 0x66 0x20 0x65 0x6e 0x74 0x69 0x72 0x65 0x20 0x70 0x72 0x6f 0x6a 0x65 0x63 0x74 0x5b 0x2f 0x75 0x72 0x6c 0x5d 0x0a



I didn't know about this restriction.

I will have a look and see if i can change it.

Update: restriction removed.

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3Unable to post link in forum untill being a  member for seven days Empty Restriction lifted Mon Oct 12, 2020 1:14 pm

MD Harrington

Thanking you I can now redirect with good intention

Best Regards

Mark Harrington

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