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Arduino nano "analogRead(6)" it does not work

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Arduino nano "analogRead(6)" it does not work .

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It's working for me.

Can you share your code and circuit or provide some more details?


sorry my mistake I used an old version.

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But I don't understand how it works since the pins are called A6 A7 while the tunnel PB6 PB7.
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Now I understand...

That is the subcircuit version of Arduino Nano.
In 0.4.15 that one is not used, it is available as "experimental" in the lower part of the component list.

And you are right, in the subcircuit version of Arduino Nano, ADC6 and ADC7 dont work.
That needs the TQFP version of the atmegas which don't exist in simulide.
This package has 2 extra pins for ADC6 & ADC7.

I think I should delete these "experimental" Arduinos from 0.4.15 to avoid cofusions.

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