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Usart Monitor 0.5.16

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1Usart Monitor 0.5.16 Empty Usart Monitor 0.5.16 Sun Jun 27, 2021 6:57 pm



I'm implementing Usart Monitor right now.
My first idea was reusing the old one, but making it work with old and new MCUs is too complex and can lead to new bugs in old MCUs.

So I think it is better making a new one only for new MCUs.
Any ideas are very welcome...

First thing that would be easy now is opening a monitor for an especific Usart instead of setting the Usart number in the monitor widget.
It would work like this:

- When you click in "Open Serial Monitor" you choose one Usart number from a list with the actual Usarts that MCU has.

- Serial Monitor Widget does not have an input to set the Usart number.

Any thoughts?

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