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I2C to UART / SPI to UART bridge

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1I2C to UART / SPI to UART bridge Empty I2C to UART / SPI to UART bridge Tue Aug 25, 2020 11:48 am



I succeeded in getting the UART running on WIN10 (see: General Discussion about Simulator), but this lead me to another question:
In hardware the are some bridges I2C to UART / SPI to UART (master and slave) available.
By this the "application connection" with serial becomes more powerful.

Is it possible to implement some of these bridges in Simulide?
This request is a kind of in parallel with the multi-CPU request:

  1. a second CPU could create that bridge by software, too
  2. but also on the other way around: these bridges could improve connecting applications with serial ports (COMx) to a more feasible level (e.g. other serial communications).    


2I2C to UART / SPI to UART bridge Empty Re: I2C to UART / SPI to UART bridge Wed Aug 26, 2020 8:34 pm



It would be possible.

I think not too difficult for high level communication, that is: just transfering data, bypassing the hardware/protocol details.
This might not work for many cases, but could be used if the communication is designed is certain ways, for example choosing no-ack for i2c or something like that.

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