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SimulIDE SimulIDE_1.0.0-RC3_Win64 wrong property

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On some IC, often CD series, dragging the component into the IDE yields  errors of this type :

SubCircuit: "CD4018" "CD4018-1" Wrong Property:  "Or Gate" "Or Gate-120" "rndPD" "false"
SubCircuit: "CD4018" "CD4018-1" Wrong Property:  "Or Gate" "Or Gate-121" "rndPD" "false"
SubCircuit: "CD4018" "CD4018-1" Wrong Property:  "Or Gate" "Or Gate-123" "rndPD" "false"
SubCircuit: "CD4018" "CD4018-1" Wrong Property:  "Buffer" "Buffer-163" "rndPD" "false"

Not sure if it is cosmetic only or a real issue. Editing the component won't show any issue as far as I could see.



Those are debugging messages, in general you can ignore them.
They will be removed in the stable version.

Anyway thanks for reporting.

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