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Is it possible to change the build output path (hex file location) in Arduino IDE 2.0?

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Hello everyone,

With Arduino IDE 1.8 we are able to change the build output path (where the hex files will be located) using the preferences.txt file, like in this example:


This facilitates a lot when simulating circuits with SimulIDE.

I'm willing to move from IDE 1.8 to 2.0 for my classes, but as far as I understand, IDE 2.0 is not using the preferences.txt file anymore, but it uses the arduino-cli.yaml file.

However, I'm not aware of any parameter that I can easily specify where I want to store the hex files.

Do you have any idea?



Hi all,

Based on this thread, it is not possible to change the output build path with a configuration file in IDE v2.0 as it was in v1.8.

The closest we can do (based on this thread) is exporting the build files to a subfolder inside the sketch folder, by clicking at Sketch > Export Compiled Binary.

This is much better than having the hex in a random temp folder and solved my problem.

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