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Looking for Modbus RTU RS-485 module simulate

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I am looking for Modbus RTU RS-485 module simulate support to the ARV/arduino . Is it avaliable in the app? if yes, where can i find it???




I am looking for Modbus RTU RS-485 module simulate support to the ARV/arduino
I'm not sure what do you want.
Can you explain exactly or provide some link?

As I understand, to use Modbus RTU with AVR you need to implement it in software, I think there are some libraries.


In AVR/Arduino to use modbus communication i have to add library (libmodbus) and hardware conver TTL to RS-485 and hardware support rs-485 (3 things). I want to simulate them. Is it avaliable to simulate Modbus RTU in SimulIDE?




There is nothing about RS-485 in SimulIDE.

A TTL to RS-485 converter could be done with a simple circuit.

As I understand you want to communicate an AVR with some RS-485 device.
Which device?


Thanks for your responsed. I want to communicate to SHT20 Temperature Humidity Sensor Modbus RS485, read holding register via avr and print to LCD... and far enougnh i want to controll the coil via RTU to operate relay on off Motor... all of that thing need to be implement in Modbus RTU



Ok, I understand.

There is no SHT20 sensor in SimulIDE, it probably could be done as an "Scripted" component:

Controlling a relay could be done with a TTL to RS-485 converter done in a subcircuit or also another "Scripted" component.

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