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Simulide 1.0.0, AVR core incorrectly executes instruction CP

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Simulide version 1.0.0, the AVR kernel incorrectly executes the CP instruction, namely, the "S" flag is incorrectly set, which is why the signed comparison does not work correctly. Version 0.4.15-SR10 works correctly. Here is the test (arduino):
void setup() {
  int8_t a = 64, b = -64;
  Serial.print(' ');
  Serial.print(' ');
  asm volatile(
    "  cp %0, %1\n"
    "  brge m1\n"
    "  ldi %0,0\n"
    "  in %1,__SREG__\n"
    : "+r" (a), "+r" (b)
  Serial.print(' ');
  Serial.println(b, HEX);
void loop()
The sketch performs a signed comparison of "a" and "b", and if "a" is less than "b, then "a" is zeroed. In "b" writes the state of the register SREG.
Simulide 1.0.0 writes: 64 -64 0 FFFFFF9D
Simulide 0.4.15-SR10 writes: 64 -64 64 FFFFFF8D
Real Arduino writes: 64 -64 64 FFFFFF8D

The bug in the file src/mcusim/cores/avr/avrcore.cpp, line 54:
write_S_Bit( S_S, sn ^ STATUS(S_V) );
This XOR instruction does not work correctly, "sn" contains flag "N" in bit 7, but "STATUS(S_V)" returns state of flag "V" in the bit 3. This can be rewritten, for example, like this:
write_S_Bit( S_S, static_cast<bool>(sn) ^ static_cast<bool>(STATUS(S_V)) );
But maybe you will find a better solution.

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Thanks, I think it is solved at Rev 1131.

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