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R1254@WIN: crash when Osci Trigger Condition active

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I'm currently trying to make an example for SPI, but found a "reproducable crash" when using the trigger condition CH3 in order to pause on SPI.

Files: https://wiki.mexle.org/_media/spi_crash.zip

Video: https://wiki.mexle.org/_media/2022-06-23_23-00-33.mp4

I just checked with a restarted system: here the issue was visible after some restarts of the simulation.




Can't reproduce the issue yet, not sure if it's Windows specific.

In any case There is a problem:
"Codition" trigger is evaluated as a boolen expression.
It recognizes these expressions: CHn + L | R | H | F (Low, Rising, High, Falling).

"CH1" is always evaluated as true, so it will pause at any change.
To pause at Ch1 Rising edge you should use "Ch1R"

But it should not crash.
I will have a look.

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