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New MCUs: simavr has been removed.

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1New MCUs: simavr has been removed. Empty New MCUs: simavr has been removed. Wed Aug 04, 2021 6:10 pm



Right after 0.5.16-RC7, at Rev 421, simavr has been completely removed from simulide.

More than 46000 lines of code removed (as reported by cloc), almost 30% of total simulide size.

In comparison, New MCUs implementation is less than 7000 lines of code by now.
This includes AVRs and 8051 (also PIC14 only the instruction decoder).

Main difference, appart of better integration in simulide structure, is that in simavr and gpsim all MCU models are hardcoded in the source code. In simulide however, device descriptors are located in xml files outside the source code, making the executable much smaller.

Also that simulide has reusable modules, like SPI, I2C, USART, etc. Which are also used in other simulide components like LCDs, I2C-RAM, etc.

I'm currently converting Arduinos to use the new AVRs: Arduino Mega and Leonardo are not yet done and still need some work.

By now and for a few days, old circuits with old AVRs might not work.

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