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Analog Comparator on ATmega128 (version 0.4.15)

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I am currently using version 0.4.15

Is the analog comparator not implemented in atmega128? I tried an experiment, but it doesn't work



Hi, as far as I know comparator should work.

But if you can share an example of the comparator not working I can have a look.



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Analog Comparator on ATmega128 (version 0.4.15) 1


#include <mega128.h>
void main(void)
DDRC = 0xFF;    // port c out
DDRE = 0x0;            // port e in
ACSR = 0x0;        // a-comparator setup
SFIOR = 0x0;    // ACME=0, use AIN1

PORTC = 0x00;

if((ACSR & 0x20) != 0) // ACO = '1' (AIN0 >= AIN1)?      
     PORTC= 0xFF;
         PORTC= 0x0F;
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