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Generic LDR controlled switching device

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1Generic LDR controlled switching device Empty Generic LDR controlled switching device Thu Sep 07, 2023 11:38 am




I'm not an expert on electronics, quite a newby actually. That's why I'm posting my latest project so that anybody more experienced can suggest any improvements.

As you can see it is not complex nor ambitious nor sophisticated, it's  quite practical and aimed at solving every day routines in a countryside house.

So far I 'have three automated 'routines' :

1. electrical shepherd that turns on at night and off at dawn.
2. Woodshed light that  turns on at night and off at dawn, too
3. electrical harps to fight the 'Asiatic hornet' that  turns off at night and on at dawn.

All three circuits have been designed gradually in time, making improvements from one to the next. Being the latest the most 'sophisticated': a circuit that allows me to use it ON(night)/OFF(dawn) or OFF(night)/ON(dawn).

All are fed by a 12V battery and Photovoltaic cells.

Feel free to make any comments or suggestions... missing components (capacitors, diodes...) or even redesign.

Generic LDR controlled switching device Simuli15

Thanks a lot
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