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Oscope and Logic Analyzer

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1Oscope and Logic Analyzer Empty Oscope and Logic Analyzer Sun Feb 19, 2023 6:39 pm


When I press the Expand key in the scope and
in the logic analyzer I get the following warning:

Warning: QWidget::setMinimumSize: (plotDisplay/PlotDisplay) Negative sizes (-6,143) are not possible (:0, )

Also in the files:

in some QLineEdit, StyleSheet contains an error:

background-color:# *Invalid Style Sheet*

which gives these warnings:

Warning: Could not parse stylesheet of object QLineEdit(0x28ca190, name = "channel3") (:0, )

2Oscope and Logic Analyzer Empty Re: Oscope and Logic Analyzer Sun Feb 19, 2023 9:07 pm



Thanks, solved at trunk Rev 1549 and 1.0.0 Rev 1261.

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