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Tron-TTL computer

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1Tron-TTL computer Empty Tron-TTL computer Wed Mar 10, 2021 9:19 am



Trying to make a replica of the gigatron in simulide. The numbers refer to the numbers of the schematics in the manual. For example: schematic 4-8 is page 51 in the manual where Id: 4/8 is pictured. 



The Rom is uploaded with the program ROMv1.rom. 
It can be found here : 

'Tron 10 completed.simu' is my final result and it doesn't do much, it runs 3 clock cycles and starts over again. However, the simulation drawing is as close as I could get it to the original and is double checked for mistakes. Feel free to take it from here and do some programming or experimenting to improve it.


Tron-TTL computer Tron_110

Except for the Output/Input section I could get very close to the original schematics with SimulIDE. If I had more programming skills than maybe I could get more out of it. Want to test some more but that involves changes to this drawing so I leave this one as the final version.

Link to the simu file :

More action can be seen and heard when tunnel !PL (and !PH) in the counter section (top left) are disconnected and the lines are kept at high.

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