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How to run a simple LED blinking program in 8051 simulator?

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Dear All,

I am a newbie trying to learn microcontroller programming. I just came across SimulIDE and it is great. Very happy to see that 8051 is introduced in the new version as I have studied a bit about the same.

I just want to seek help of someone who can guide me to write a very simple LED blinking program in 8051 in SimulIDE.





You can download Tester version 1.0.0-R1233 here:

In this version you can find a blink led example for 8051:
File Browser->Examples->Micro->mcs-51->mcs-51_blink

Just double-click in mcs-51_test.sim1 to open the circuit
And you can also double-click in mcs-51_blink.asm to open the asm file in Editor.
To edit and compile the asm code you need Asem-51 assembler: http://plit.de/asem-51/

If you are using Windows you need to modify the compiler configuration file.
Have a look at this discussion:

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