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ADCH/ADCL warning for mega328PB R1185@WIN10

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When inserting the mega328PB in the R1185 in the canvas the following info appears:

Warning: Register not found: ADCL
Warning: Register not found: ADCH

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Solved at Rev 1194.

You can solve it in your files.
There is an error in data/AVR/megax8/megax8pb_regs.xml (line 164):

    <register  name="ADCL0"    addr="0x0078"  reset=""  mask="00000000"
               bits="ADCL0,ADCL1,ADCL2,ADCL3,ADCL4,ADCL5,ADCL6,ADCL7" />

    <register  name="ADCL1"    addr="0x0078"  reset=""  mask="00000000"
               bits="ADCL0,ADCLq,0,0,0,0,0,0" />

    <register  name="ADCH0"    addr="0x0079"  reset=""  mask="00000000"
               bits="ADCH8,ADCH9,0,0,0,0,0,0" />

    <register  name="ADCH1"    addr="0x0079"  reset=""  mask="00000000"
               bits="ADCH2,ADCH3,ADCH4,ADCH5,ADCH6,ADCH7,ADCH8,ADCH9" />

Should be:

    <register  name="ADCL"    addr="0x0078"  reset=""  mask="00000000"
               bits="ADCL0,ADCL1,ADCL2,ADCL3,ADCL4,ADCL5,ADCL6,ADCL7" />

    <register  name="ADCH"    addr="0x0079"  reset=""  mask="00000000"
               bits="ADCH8,ADCH9,0,0,0,0,0,0" />

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