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Will support for AVR Atmega164 be re-added in SimulIDE 1.0?

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Hi there.

I was considering switching from SimulIDE 0.4.15-SR9 to version 1.0.

But I noticed the support for Atmega164 (and as far as I see it accompanying family) has not been ported yet in v.1.0. format.

Are there any plans to re-add it in the future?

Thank you in advaance.



Yes, Atmega164 is already in the development version:



Atmega164 and family added to 1.0.0.

Try it here:


Thank you for the quick replies.

I tried both versions indicated
* the development version/trunk tester build (R1751) https://simulide.forumotion.com/t550-simulide-trunk-tester-builds#2961
* the 1.0.0 tester build version (R1378) https://simulide.forumotion.com/t390-simulide-1-0-0-tester-builds#1936

I noticed two differences in behavior (?potential bugs?):
* the need to drive the Reset pin in my schematics (was not required in SimulIDE 0.4.15-RC9).
* Serial Monitor simulation does not appear to work well. I have a program in which I mirror back characters from the MCU. The program works on actual chips and in 0.4.15-RC9. I only get the first character mirrored back in R1751 and R1378.



Hi. Thanks for reporting.

The reset pin need to be connected, it is how it works now.

About the Serial Monitor:
This is weird.. the Usart is exactly the same than other AVRs.
The only thing is that is has 2 Usarts. Did you open a Serial Monitor for the same Usart in your program?
Note that the numbering for Serial Monitor starts at 1.
If this doesn't solve the issue, it would be good if you share your circuit and firmware to see what is happening.

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