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Bread Board 8-bit simulation

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1Bread Board 8-bit simulation Empty Bread Board 8-bit simulation Sat Feb 13, 2021 8:05 pm


To keep it short I want to refer to this Readme:
Follow the links in there to get more information, if you so please  Cool

Bread Board 8-bit simulation YTzM40s

Bread Board 8-bit simulation Bus_lo10

There is a very large picture here:



Txt Example:

There might be some issues and it is not fully completed yet but it is fun to experiment with. Chek the help-section
and Ben Eaters video no.36 

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2Bread Board 8-bit simulation Empty Re: Bread Board 8-bit simulation Sun Feb 14, 2021 10:28 pm


Made some additions and modifications. In the output section I removed IC 74HC273 - 8 x D FlipFlop.
It was keeping the display one clockpulse behind the value of the bus and the only use the 273 had, as far as I could tell, was a reset pin. Also removed the floating LM555. Copied the remaining output section 4 times, made some tunnelconnection pins and placed a display for each of the A , B , ALU and Instr. registers.

Bread Board 8-bit simulation DAdRvIo


See Github please for the .simu file and a picture.



I have rearragand the above, it has the title BB5.


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3Bread Board 8-bit simulation Empty Re: Bread Board 8-bit simulation Tue Feb 16, 2021 11:43 pm


Replaced with the help of Fizik_S and Arcachofo my version of the Ram-section with 74xx189's. Now it is according Ben Eaters' design and also behaving like it. 
All the major components are the same now as in his original, except I have removed the 74HC273, 8xD Flip Flops, in the output section, that was connected to the Eeprom for the Bus Value display, because it was one clock pulse behind the bus value and I rather chose for an immediate value display. Added four more extra displays but that was optional and doesn't effect the schematic. All seems to be going well so far I checked, so I hope after uploading his control logic program that this project can be fully completed.
Simu-file and picture:


4Bread Board 8-bit simulation Empty Re: Bread Board 8-bit simulation Fri Feb 19, 2021 7:51 pm


The control logic is programmed and connected. 
Read the txt-file please for more info.

Bread Board 8-bit simulation Bb9_co10

Simu-file : 

I have a manual control version as well, shall put it in this post later.
This project is not completely finished, next the Carry and Zero flags are to be connected and than it is finished.

In the automatic version above it is possible to go step by step through the control program with the clock push button. I takes 22 pulses to get to Halt. I wrote down every output that lights up in the control unit and reproduced it with this version with the fixed volt buttons and where the controls are not connected. There is one small difference but has no effect on the working itself, the Output display register chip 273 is not there.

Bread Board 8-bit simulation Bb9_co11


5Bread Board 8-bit simulation Empty Re: Bread Board 8-bit simulation Sat Feb 20, 2021 8:45 pm


This is my final version of making a replica from Ben Eaters 8-bit breadboard computer with Simulide.
Well, if nothing comes up anymore that is. But I've tested it and the outcomes are the same as in his video's. Also I'm a little bit glad that it came to a conclusion, now I can take a look at other people their projects. It has the title BB12 on my github, a txt-file, a detailed picture, a simu-file which I will also include here, and a snip from the data Ben used to enter into the Ram are there, all with BB12 in the title.
And I would like to thank Fizik_S and arcachofo again for their help and support they gave me.

Bread Board 8-bit simulation Bb12_f10

My Github page

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